About Us
Whaley Wash is a product conceived and manufactured by our family-owned business, Southern Chemical & Textiles, Inc.  Our company was started in 1984, and was the brainchild of its President and head of the Whaley family, Truman Whaley.  Together with his wife, Starr, and his son, Cameron, we have turned a small family business into a thriving part of the community for over 26 years.  SCT was started as a manufacturing facility for surfactants and acrylic monomers.  In 1997, a personal care division was launched, which now serves US, Europe and other Global markets.  We manufacture many products and blends that are essential componenets in top cosmetic and household products. 

Whaley Wash itself has its beginning from a base product used in our personal care line.  As Hereford cattle breeders ourselves, we reformulated this into a cattle wash for our farm.  Impressed with the results, other breeders inquired about testing our product on their own animals.  The responses were tremendous.  Not only were the cattle cleaner, but their hair was softer without the drying effects to their skin.  As a result of this experience, SCT distributed additional samples to breeders across the cattle industry.  The positive results and responses continued.  Samples were also given to dog owners and horse breeders with the same outstanding results:  cleaner hair, more controllable hair and conditioned skin.  It was seen by many dog breeders that skin irritations that had plaqued them for years was cleared.  Truman and Starr Whaley are very involved in the Hereford cattle industry, and have supported the Junior program with bottles of Whaley Wash for use at the National events for many years.  As a result of this promotion, Whaley Wash is used nation wide, and has gone on to wash champion cows, bulls and Arabian horses.  Because of this success, we have now added a complete line of care products for all of your four-legged friends.

SCT is still a small family-owned and operated business with a wonderful employee base devoted to developing products with the upmost quality that performs every time.  Since it is a product used by the Whaleys themselves, nothing is left to chance.
What sets our Animal Care Products apart from the rest...
  • All Natural, Non-toxic, 100% biodegradable body wash
  • Product Sparing ( a small amount will clean the entire animal)
  • Deeply penetrates and cleans coats without stripping away natural oils leaving skin dandruff-free
  • Volumizing effects to make hair "bloom"
  • Conditions and brightens coats to make the "whites whiter, the reds redder, and the blacks blacker"
  • Proven show-quality appearance with each and every wash